So what in the world is 'Corporate Dysfunction' anyway?

Cor·po·rate dys·func·tion is the consequence of a practice or behavior pattern that undermines the stability of a group or organization system.

If you feel your business faces problems and you find it is difficult to eradicate these repeating challenges, it could be that your organizational issues are due to a dysfunctional corporate system at its core. All business face this dilemma, small, medium and large businesses alike. Before you beat yourself up about having a dysfunctional business, I want you to know that acknowledging your dysfunction is a part of the battle down. We can help you with addressing the remaining parts by solving these problems for you! We assess the functionality of the organization and we will actively work with you in building self-managing teams. At MIU Group, we help leaders recognize and resolve complex business issues such as organizational politics, inefficient workforce, toxic cultures in the workplace, presence of destructive sub-cultures within your organization and more.