Do you feel you're operating at your highest potential or simply blowing hot air? You could be struggling like lots of other people with performing at 'good-enough' level when you know you have not reached your highest potential. If so, we can help you figure out what exactly is hindering you from taking your organization to the next level. We help executives perform optimally by bringing all aspects of who they are to their work. We do this by applying psychological concepts and techniques to help you identify core obstacles within you, which shape your internal dialogue and influence your work performance. 

Our senior consultant, Dr. Uyanwune is a medical doctor with a specialty in Organizational Psychiatry. She works with clients, helping them understand their unique mental models in relation to their work. Mental models are our internal representations of external reality. They are mind constructs that inform us on what we project the outcome of a situation will be based on our biases, life experiences and belief in our self. We all accesses our mental models subconsciously in regard to our work, this in turn determines the internal messages we tell ourselves and will in turn affect our performance. At MIU Group, we modify these mental models to make them line up with your true goals.