MIU Group is an organizational and management consulting company that helps businesses thrive and succeed in accomplishing their goals. We work with clients to improve different objectives including functional corporate culture, effective leadership, operation efficiency, cost reduction, office workflow and more. We work with clients through a consultation process detailed below:

Consultation Process: The consultative process occurs in two stages:

  • Diagnostic Phase: This initial phase involves an interview with the business leaders, during which organization problems are clarified from the company leadership and its teams. This phase involves a one to two week assessment of the client business. This assessment encompasses a thorough evaluation of all aspects of the client business. At the conclusion of this phase, the MIU consultant presents a report on the issues within the business and advise on recommended strategies. 


  • Intervention Phase: After the diagnostic phase, the MIU consultant and the client business can agree to enter the next phase of the consultation process. Here, the consultant actively works with the business leaders in addressing core systemic issues. Also, business performance metrics are measured and tracked as strategies are being implemented. This phase occurs in the form of bi-weekly sessions between the business leadership and the consultant. This phase may continue for as long as the client chooses. 



-Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience regarding human behavior from both clinical and business fields. 

-In addition to traditional consulting, we determine dysfunctional dynamics within corporate leadership. We study underlying patterns within the client business and how this impacts overall business performance. 

-We provide customized services to meet the particular needs of the client

-We develop exceptional leaders, helping them learn to identify and solve core problems within their business