MIU Group is an organizational and management consulting company that helps businesses thrive and succeed in accomplishing their goals in its operations and leadership. We primarily focus on three areas, organizational effectiveness, procurement and construction management. We are a minority-owned business enterprise and have been certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation as an MBE, DBE, SBE certified business. 

  • Organizational Effectiveness. We work with clients to improve several objectives for the client company. We focus on several areas including executive team dynamics, talent management, leadership development, organizational design and structure. Our senior management consultant is a board-certified medical doctor and brings a wealth of experience to the team. She uses her expertise in human dynamics, group relations and peak performance to help organizations excel. 
  • Procurement. We provide high quality goods and services to client organizations. We believe that in addition to making an organization strong, its operations need to be efficient. We help build systems within the client organization and work to ensure that these processes and systems are in alignment with the overall goals of the organization.
  • Construction Management. We use project management and other techniques to facilitate various construction projects from inception to completion. Our operations manager has vast experience in architectural design, construction and environmental engineering. 



Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience regarding their specific area within the business organization. 

We set a standard of excellence in the work we do. 

We provide customized services to meet the particular needs of the client organization.

We develop exceptional leaders, helping them learn to identify and solve core problems within their business.